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TapBrewerSTNameABVStyleDescription16oz/10oz*to go:32oz/64oz/2L
1Great DivideCOYeti9.5%Imperial StoutIt starts with big, roasty malt flavor that gives way to rich caramel and toffee notes.$6.50*$11.00/$22.00/$23.00
Hard CiderDry, crisp and refreshing; like biting into the perfect apple.$3.50$5.00/$10.00/$11.00
3FoothillsNCSexual Chocolate9.8%RISTastes of dark fruit, malt, chocolate, and light hops. A big, robust flavor w/a lot of character.$7.50*$13.00/$26.00/$27.00
4HighlandNCImperium8.5%RISFlavors of vanilla, toasted coconut, and coffee.$7.50*$12.00/$24.00/$25.00
5Cigar CityFLCafe Con Leche6.0%Milk StoutCoffee up front, roasted malt and cocoa milk while finishing with some bitterness.$7.50$13.00/$26.00/$27.00
6D9NCWhiskers on Kittens5.5%SourBlonde sour, sweet, floral, wild sour flavor$7.00*$13.00/$26.00/$27.00
7D9NCBrown Sugar
Brown Cow
Brown AleMocha brown ale brewed with chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and lactose$5.00$7.00/$14.00/$15.00
8Straight to AleALLily Flagg5.0%Milk StoutMalts, nuts, chocolate, oats, slight sweetness and very easy to drink.$5.50$8.50/$17.00/$18.00
9Brewery 85SCYeoman's Brown6.4%Brown AleNotes of roasted chocolate and coffee can be detected in this full bodied dark brew. $5.00$6.00/$12.00/$13.00
10CatawbaNCPeanut Butter Jelly Time5.8% American Brown AleThis ale is aged on raspberries and real peanuts to give it layered bread, peanut, and jelly flavors. It is a PB&J in a glass!$7.50$13.00/$26.00/$27.00
11WeihenstephanerGERHefeweizen 5.4%HefeweissbierWell balanced flavors of wheat and lemon. Incredibly easy drinking and flavorful.$5.00$7.50/$15.00/$16.00
12Thomas CreekSCRiver Falls Red5.7%Red AleTaste is hops up front, caramel malts at the finish, very easy drinking. $5.00$6.50/$13.00/$14.00
Oskar BluesNCOld Chub8.0% Scotch AleSemi-sweet flavors of cocoa and coffee, and a wee bit of smoke.$5.00$7.00/$14.00/$15.00
14MunkleSCBull Street Blonde5.4%BlondeFlavors of bread, yeast, light citrus and lemon.$6.00$9.00/$18.00/$19.00
15Wicked WeedNCFreak of Nature8.5%Amerian Double IPAMalty, syrup with strong notes of breadfruit, citrus, and papaya$6.50*$11.00/$22.00/$23.00
16Cigar CityFLJai Alai7.5%
American IPAFlavors of pineapple, grapefruit, fruit punch and all sorts of citrus.$6.00$9.00/$18.00/$19.00
17Oskar BluesNCPinner4.9%American IPATropical fruits, citrus juices, pineapple up front and biscuit & toasted bread at the back.$5.00$7.00/$14.00/$15.00
18CoastSC32/504.8%K├ÂlschCertified organic-Balanced with a touch of wheat and honey notes & a flowery hop finish.$5.50$7.50/$15.00/$16.00
19AllagashMECurieux11.0%Bourbon TripelMade by aging our Tripel Ale in Jim Beam bourbon barrels for 8 weeks in our cold cellars.$9.00*$19.00/$38.00/$40.00
20AllagashMEWhite5.1%WitbierBelgium style wheat beer w/oats, malted wheat & un-malted raw wheat for a hazy appearance.$5.50$7.00/$14.00/$15.00
Limit 3 samples per customer. First sample is FREE, up to two more for $1.00. Prices with an *Asterisk* are 10 ounce pours.