WHAT’S On Tap?

TapBrewerSTNameABVStyleDescription16oz/10oz*to go:32oz/64oz/2L
1Left HandCOMilk Stout6.0%Milk StoutEspresso, dark chocolate and a subtle herbal bitterness. The finish is smooth and pleasing. Fantastic.$5.00$7.00/$14.00/$15.00
2Jack's Hard CiderPAHelen's Blend5.5%
Hard CiderDry, crisp and refreshing; like biting into the perfect apple.$3.50$5.00/$10.00/$11.00
3D9NCBrown Sugar Brown Cow6.6%Brown AleFlavors of brown sugar, vanilla, milk chocolate and mocha with a moderately roasty coffee finish.$6.00$9.00/$18.00/$19.00
4Oskar BluesNCOld Chub8.0%Wee Heavy
Flavors of chocolate, and butterscotch. The malty backbone blends well w/the hop bitterness.$5.00$8.00/$16.00/$17.00
5GreenmanNCESB5.5%ESBA malty amber ale boasting rich toasted and caramel flavors$5.00$7.00/$14.00/$15.00
6Holy CitySCPluff Mud Porter5.5%American PorterRoasted malt, heavy cream, hints of dark fruit, semi-sweet chocolate & roasted coffee.$5.50$7.50/$15.00/$16.00
7DuClawMDSweet Baby Java6.5%American PorterAll the flavors of Sweet Baby Jesus hopped with with cold-steeped, whole bean espresso.$5.00$7.00/$14.00/$15.00
8HighlandNCImperium8.5%RISFlavors of chocolate, coffee, raisin and slight coconut. The ABV is very well-hidden.$7.50*$12.00/$24.00/$25.00
9D9NCSystema Naturae6.0%American Wild AleLingonberry & Edelweiss, combines a sweet, tart fruit with the an herbal flower essence.$7.50*$13.00/$26.00/$27.00
10FoundersMIDirty Bastard8.5%Scotch AleSweet, rich caramel malt, laced with smokiness and a slight bitter finish.$6.00$9.00/$18.00/$19.00
11CoastSC32/504.8%K├ÂlschCertified organic-Balanced with a touch of wheat and honey notes & a flowery hop finish.$5.50$7.50/$15.00/$16.00
12Ballast PointCABonito4.5%Blonde AleGolden color and soft malt character with a light mouth feel, subtle hop bite and light finish. $6.00$10.00/$20.00/$21.00
HarpoonMAUFO Hefeweizen4.8%Wheat
Tastes of spices, pepper, bananas, fruity malts, cloves, lemon, citrus, bready malts, wheat.$5.00$7.00/$14.00/$15.00
14BrooklynNYLager5.2%Red LagerCitrus, floral, some lemon, earthy, honey malt and citrus bitterness.$5.00$6.50/$13.00/$14.00
15Sierra NevadaNCSidecar5.3%
APABright citrus notes of lemon, tangerine and orange flavor with a strong bready backbone.$5.00$6.50/$13.00/$14.00
16Cigar CitySCJai Alai7.5%American IPARatings of 94 & 100! Notes of citrus, tropical fruit and caramel with a fruity hop finish.$6.00$9.00/$18.00/$19.00
17LagunitasCABrown Shugga'10.0%American Strong AleMalty and sweet caramel malts, fruity, touch of cherries and citrus hops, some piney hops, a little spicy.$5.00*$7.50/$15.00/$16.00
18Sam AdamsNYRebel Juiced6.2%American IPATaste is mostly sweet mango with good malt backing and some hop bitterness.$3.50$6.00/$12.00/$13.00
19Allagash MECurieux11.0%Bourbon TripelCurieux is made by aging our Tripel Ale in Jim Beam bourbon barrels for 8 weeks in our cold cellars.$9.00*$19.00/$38.00/$40.00
20CatawbaNCWhite Zombie4.7%WitbierFlavors of citrus, lemon, and coriander w/a pale malt backbone.$5.00$6.50/$13.00/$14.00

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